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The Best Hot Stories available on the internet

The Best Hot Stories available on the internet can be found here on! I hope you like the sexy and hot adult stories. Please come back soon for more of the best hot stories and the new stories. If you're a story writer or if you wrote down your story, feel free to submit your story to us. Please, use our contact forms to submit your story…

the girls jane and zoe a date with fireman max.

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

Another day at college, and once again our PRINCESS, Jane Mc Dougall, has earned herself another detention, which is unusual for a straight A student!!“There is no flashing in this college Ms. McDougall; so next time Kyle walks on by; do not show him your bra!!” Blusters Mr. Carter, the Principal of the College.

He asked for it Mr. Carter; he thinks he's so it, well I showed him not to ignore me!!”

Yelps Jane in a higher voice than usual. Giving up on the exchange of logic with Jane” his ahem…favourite student( sarcasm); Mr.Carter orders everyone to take their allotted seats and prepare for a long spell of punishment‚ with many groans emanating from the class!

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Diego dating Jane In the sailor

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

A beautiful warm summer night, and we find Jane, walking to her part time job at Planetcoffee, in Table Mountain mall! “ Why must I work tonight, wwhhyyyyyyy, on such a kick ass, balmy evening!?” Whines Jane, with her head up looking into the sky!Unfortunately for Jane, she doesn't realise that her boss Mr. Montgomery, plans to supervise her very closely, while she works the new expensive coffee machine, imported from Italy!

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captain Jamie Morgan and captain Vanessa Drake.

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

On the roaring seas of the Caribbean, pirates await their victims.The blood of many men and women have been spilt into these oceans.Their screams echo throughout the day and night …!

Two such rascals who plunder these waters, are Captain Jamie Morgan and Captain Vanessa Drake. The very mention of their names, sends shivers down anyone's spine. Morgan and Drake have been competing in these seas for over 10 years now, they own these waters, but they also hate each other, and have always searched for a way to end their rivalry. We all know that the rivalry will end in slaughter!

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Duke says Melissa came in the dick of time.

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

Its Friday ‘ and today is a day of celebration; it is always a day of celebration after a hard work week. Two groups of friends will be meeting each other at the CASUAL FLING bar ‘ and they are going to be whooping it up!

Andre and his set of friends are going to the bar in a tux theme‘ whilst Fiona and her friends‘ will be going dressed as strippers. Yes; you have guessed it; the old Vicars and prostitutes theme replayed‘ over and over again!

Let me introduce Andre and his boys: The first is Raymond; he is a banker. The second is Ronald; he is a landscaper. The third and last is Duke ; he is a pro gamer‘ and let me tell you; he has game! ! He is renowned for being quite the player with the ladies!

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half naked Suzie and Mike meet a wild bear in the woods.

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

It is usual for people to go for a nice long drive in the country on a Sunday‚ but when destiny and fate calls; there is nothing you can do about it! This is the story of Mike Polowski and Suzie Mayer; two Sunday drivers who were so taken by the scenery in the country; they drove into each other(not at a high speed though!)

Both drivers swing their doors open with such aggression‚ that Attila the Hun would be scared! They storm up to each other ‚ and with wild eyes and intense body language; they starting hurling insults and gesturing!

‘’ Mister; this is your fault; you were not concentrating on the road;you were watching Bambi!”Screams Suzie.

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two English teachers Mary and Jacqui pretty girls.

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

English is a special language; it is the gateway to a lot of countries, whose people would like to learn this wonderful language. It is no surprise, that many people of varying ages, genders and persuasions, become English teachers, and travel the World.

Today; we met two such English teachers: Mary and Jacqui. Their relationship has been on the rocks for some time now, and they jumped at the opportunity to get overseas, in order to make money, and to see if it will heal their relationship

We pick up the action now, at the Johannesburg International airport.

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Micki says the Winter is coming.

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

It is the 16th of August ’ and Micki has not found her true love; the soul mate that she longs for! Winter is about to set in ’ and Summer love and mini's ’ will be out of vogue too. She remembers all those walks in the beautiful warm forests’ with the canopies only letting shimmers of light in. She remembers how it highlighted her fine strawberry blonde hair ’ and how the wind whisked through it ’ making her feel like a sexy Queen of all the forest fairies! The beach walks were nice too’ but when you are alone; it means next to nothing!

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Lilly rides Tom while the viet cong is outside.

Soft Erotic story about Best Hot stories BHS

In the rainforests of Vietnam , 34 th platoon of the US military are lost. Their only hope is to be evacuated by helicopter. Right on their heels are a couple of units of Viet Cong fighters, and they are getting close! The Captain of the platoon, Capt. Jarvis, is leading his war scarred warriors right into a trap … straight down a river, right into a pool of water, where a waterfall is hiding the noises of Viet Cong fighters, setting up heavy machine guns.

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biography Jill Heatenville.

Jill Heatenville was born in Anchorage, Alaska. on the 30 June 1967, to a Father who was a navigator on a cruise liner, and to a Mother who dutifully looked after her at home.

Jill went to a private girls school in Anchorage, by the name of Fish harbour college. Unfortunately; the school shut up shop in 1995 , but the memories of a school life well lived, will stay with Jill forever.

After school; Jill do a few online writing courses, including travel, but her favourite form of writing is still erotica!

Jill got married at the tender age of 19, to her childhood sweetheart, who was her neighbour. Unfortunately, they got a mutual divorce when Jill was 35, they bore no children.

Here is what Jill has to say:

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